Mom Bod Sweatshirt

Mom Bod Sweatshirt

$ 50.00

Moms are HOT, especially in that "I just want to eat fried cheese, sleep, and never have sex again" kind of way. (Anybody else? Bueller?) We are all about taking postpartum back around here. Embrace your muffin top, and then go eat some muffins. The last thing anyone needs after pushing out a baby is a diet. 

This super soft and cozy sweatshirt in navy has been lovingly printed right into the area where your boob is probably leaking. It promises to hide many baby-related stains, but not pizza or barbecue sauce (I'm sorry). It transitions beautifully from day to night. 

All hail the mom bod! You made a human, and you are the best.

Sweatshirts made in the USA. Due to the fact that each piece is made to order, we do not accept returns at this time. Domestic orders only. This is available in a unisex size S, M or L, even though you are 100% woman.

If you don't see your size available, don't worry - it'll be back in stock soon!

Handmade in America by glam | camp.

All glam | camp vendors are awesome women creating awesome things in the world. With every purchase you make, you support female-run small businesses. THANK YOU.