Ramshackle Glam: The New Mom's Haphazard Guide to (Almost) Having It All

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"In my experience," writes glam | camp cofounder and lifestyle blogger Jordan Reid, "you know what happens when you hold babies? They cry. And it immediately becomes clear to all present that you have terrible parental instincts and should never be allowed to come into contact with children - ever." In 2011, the style writer and editor of RamshackleGlam.com had her first child, and very quickly had to figure out how to navigate the realities of her brand-new life while facing the fear that every new parent must at some point confront: what happens to your sense of self when late nights of dancing and cocktails turn into early mornings of diapers and bottles?

Ramshackle Glam tells the story of Reid's journey as a rookie mother, covering everything from epic post-partum fashion disasters to remote-control-slinging marital disputes and traveling-with-baby crises involving a mutinous pair of sandals. In this laugh-out-loud funny, affecting, and deeply personal memoir, Reid (deemed "a star of the post-expertise how-to landscape" by The New York Observer) offers up the fashion, beauty, home décor and entertaining tips that she is known for...but more than that, she fearlessly confronts her very most personal moments: anxiety over sharing her newborn's name on social media, worries about aging, the difficulty of forging friendships as an adult, and daily challenges as simple - yet mystifying - as how to make it through a mommy-and-me sushi meal with your sanity intact.

Reid's hilarious, heartfelt, and soul-searching debut is a completely unique addition to the roster of classic parenting tomes, and a must-read for any woman looking for a straightforward account of how to handle enormous life transitions with humor, grace...and a little bit of glam.

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